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Pierre-José Charro

adrenaline addict

❝I have always been an adventure seeker, on the move and looking for something new to explore. The Traveler goes wherever i go, it fits my gear, equipment and lifestyle; We never stop the hunt for new adrenaline fuelled adventures.❞


Boutros Abi Ramia

Adventure seeker

❝ As an owner of many The Stray Compass products, I can easily say that you're getting a local but very high-end brand. The leather material used is heavy duty, it got its share from rain, sweat and mud and traveled with me all over the world with The Survivor and still standing as new. The products are trendy and at the same time super practical; so you get the best of both worlds.
Grab your backpack, endless adventures are waiting for you!


Andrea Nassar


❝I have personally acquired and gifted numerous pieces from The Stray Compass. From their camping gear to their leather goods, all items are tastefully designed, timeless and of high quality craftsmanship.❞


Rawad Mansour

Avid explorer

❝I am always exploring new places around Lebanon and I spend most of my weekends away from home. The Traveler bag is always part of my journey. It's so practical and useful. It even has a customized pocket for my vintage SX-70 camera which makes my life much easier.❞


Thomas Dawaf


❝I’ve been using The Traveler for almost two years now.  From picnics, campings and photography trips, this bag fits it all. The quality is amazing; durable and can hold well to wear and tear. The materials used have a good feel to them and enhance the overall the design. The Traveler can last a lifetime, having a timeless design and an amazing durability; the zipper never jams, the leather doesn’t crack, the canvas doesn’t get stretched and the whole bag is still the same as the it was on the first day that I’ve used it (and I use it A LOT).  I find The Traveler fit to almost anyone. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or you need a big carry on, this bag is one of the best options out there.❞


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