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The Sanitary

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Stay organized on your travels with our sleek toiletry bag. Featuring a mesh front that helps in aerating and drying your wet toiletries, The Sanitary is perfect for carrying and organizing your toothbrush, razor, shampoo, cologne and other toiletries. Its spacious waterproof interior and small inner zipper pocket help you stay organized wherever you roam.


-Spacious interior
-Mesh front for enhanced visibility and aeration of damp toiletries
-Inner zipper pocket


-Height: 14cm (5.5")
-Width: 23cm (9")
-Depth: 8cm (3.1")
-Volume: 2.2L


100 g


-Polycotton webbing
-Nylon lining
-Strong nylon mesh

Care Instructions

To remove stains that might build up over time -

You Can:
•Lightly scrub away the dirt with a bristled brush.
•Begin by only using cold water
•Add a small amount of mild soap
•Rinse away the soap
•Leave the item in open air until it’s completely dry. **Do not store our products when they’re still damp, or in a humid environment.

•Hot water
•Machine washing
•Using detergents
•Washing very frequently
•Storing under direct sunlight

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