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The Side Bag

The Side Bag

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The Side Bag is an add-on for The Survivor backpack and it's the perfect solution for storing items you need quick access to, such as your first aid kit, snacks, jacket, camera or water bottle. Helps you carry more while staying organized.



-Height: 32cm (12.6")
-Width: 18.5cm (7.2")
-Depth: 12cm (4.7")
-Volume: 7L



-Waterproof waxed cotton canvas
-Nylon zipper
-Nylon webbing


Care Instructions

Waxed canvas is a very durable fabric that will last a lifetime. It’s waterproof, tear proof and ready to withstand some heavy usage. To remove stains that might build up over time -

You Can:
•Lightly scrub away the dirt with a bristled brush.
•Begin by only using cold water
•Add a small amount of mild soap
•Rinse away the soap
•Leave the item in open air until it’s completely dry. **Do not store our products when they’re still damp, or in a humid environment.

•Hot water
•Machine washing
•Using detergents
•Washing very frequently
•Storing under direct sunlight

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