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The Stray Compass

The Stray Boots

The Stray Boots

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Handmade, lightweight, comfortable. 

The Stray Boots are optimal for everyday-wear in cold and wet seasons as they keep your feet dry and fresh thanks to their real leather interior and exterior as well as their lightweight soles.


•Super comfortable to be worn as everyday boots
•Real leather exterior and interior for maximum comfort, and to guarantee that your feet will stay fresh even after long hours of wear


35 to 46 European sizes



-Full grain leather exterior and interior
-Rubber sole


Care Instructions

Before cleaning, be sure to wipe away any dust with a soft cloth. Subtle marks may be buffed away with a solution of soap flakes and warm water but tougher stains will need a little more work. Methylated spirits or rubbing alcohol will work to remove ink stains, while absorbent powders such as corn starch or baking powder can be utilised to tackle oil and grease. Once the leather is clean, it is wise to apply a protective spray to safeguard against further marks or stains.

•Regularly clean leather with a soft brush or cloth
•Regularly air out leather
•Blot away water or moisture as soon as possible
•Dry wet leather naturally, away from artificial heat
•Keep leather supple with a specialised leather conditioner every 3-6 months
•Clean spots and stains with a mixture of soap flakes and warm water
•Use a steam cleaner to disinfect and remove buildup from regular use
•Test any conditioners, cleaners, polishes or wax in a hidden spot beforehand

•Machine wash leather
•Get leather wet wherever possible
•Dry wet leather next to a radiator or with a hairdryer
•Tumble dry leather
•Iron leather
•Immerse leather in water to clean

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