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The Top Roll - Canvas

The Top Roll - Canvas

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Crafted to give you that vintage look that everyone craves, The Top Roll helps carry your toiletries - toothbrush, razor, shampoo, cologne, towel - you name it, when you travel, in style. 



-Height: 24cm (9.4")
-Width: 24cm (9.4")
-Depth: 11cm (4.3")
-Volume: 6L



-Waterproof waxed cotton canvas
-Full grain leather belt
-Cotton/Polyester lining
-YKK zipper


Care Instructions

Waxed canvas is a very durable fabric that will last a lifetime. It’s waterproof, tear proof and ready to withstand some heavy usage. To remove stains that might build up over time -

You Can:
•Lightly scrub away the dirt with a bristled brush.
•Begin by only using cold water
•Add a small amount of mild soap
•Rinse away the soap
•Leave the item in open air until it’s completely dry. **Do not store our products when they’re still damp, or in a humid environment.

•Hot water
•Machine washing
•Using detergents
•Washing very frequently
•Storing under direct sunlight

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